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Other | October 12, 2017

Hammer Fitness athlete pro MMA fighter wins a Gold Medal live from the Athens Olympic Sports Complex.

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Other | April 25, 2015

Have a look at coach Amer Kamra's top 10 must read books for anyone looking to become healthy, wealthy and successful in life. Make sure to pick these reads up today and work towards changing your life.

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Other | October 01, 2013

"Don't Skip Leg Day!" The Truth About Whether Or Not You Should Train Legs?


In many people's thoughts, there's a major misconception that most people who workout are "upper body" dominant.


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Other | September 28, 2013

How Accurate is a BMI Measure? Should You Trust It?


Many people today use BMI measures to access their weight and health.

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Other | September 27, 2013

Pain in Triceps After Triceps Exercises? Cure Triceps Pain!


As most of us know, the main function of the triceps is to extend the arm.

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Other | September 24, 2013

Discomfort in Scapular and Shoulder Blade Muscles From Back Squats?


One of the most common injuries during back squats is a pulled scapular muscle.


After squatting, you may feel some discomfort in your shoulder blade/scapular muscle area.

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Other | September 09, 2013

How To Breathe While Lifting Weights?


Breathing is a very serious topic in weight lifting.


You can pass out or even die by improper breathing!

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Other | August 27, 2013

Lower Back Pain After Running? Cure Aching Lower Back Problems!

Many people can't sprint without having lower back pain and soreness the next day.

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Other | August 05, 2013

Watch the video from the official 2013 Hammer Fitness party hosted by head coach and CEO Amer the Hammer kamra

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Other | August 02, 2013

Today, baseball coaches are preaching to their pitchers that the bench press is detrimental to a thrower's shoulder, specifically the scapular muscles.

Are they correct? Should baseball pitchers and throwers avoid the bench press?

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