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Exercises | July 30, 2013

The standing press, said to be one of the most dangerous movements for the shoulder.  This is true, if you are NOT doing it correctly, much like everything else.  Driving your car is dangerous, if you drive without caution or care.

Having said that, the standing barbell shoulder press is NOT a dangerous movement, and it one of the BEST upper body exercises.

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Exercises | July 19, 2013

How to Get Better At Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups Fast!

For nearly all beginners starting out, doing pull-ups and chin-ups is your worst nightmare.

Nothing can amount to the frustration and embarrassment of not being about to do more than 3 pull-ups.

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Exercises | June 12, 2013

 I want to share with you one of the best fat loss exercises.  The Kettlebell swings are awesome for developing your posterior chain including your lower back, butt, hamstrings, and calves.  This is so important because these muscles help to develop our posture, and strength within our body.

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Exercises | April 05, 2013

Now everybody can do regular pushups instead of modified pushups from your knees also referred to as “girl pushups”.  The problem with pushups from your knees is that they do not teach proper form; also they assist too much in the movement so you really don’t get a proper feel for the exercise.

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Exercises | April 03, 2013

One of the most common mistakes with your squat is your lack of ability to actually do a proper squat.  Try performing an overhead squat, if it looks like figure A (which many of you will) then chances are you probably don’t spend much time at all mobilizing your body.

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Exercises | December 12, 2012

A kettle-bell is NOT better then a dumbbell as they have two different purposes, but are equally as beneficial and both should be incorporated into your training regimen.  Transformation coach Amer the Hammer uses them with many clients looking to change their physiques.

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Exercises | December 02, 2012

Try out one of the most challeneging pushups known to man, the Aztec pushup.  Test your skill and fitness level with this one.

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