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Motivation | September 13, 2013

Simple Cure to Boring Workouts & Lack of Drive and Motivation

So your workouts are boring and you can feel the lack of drive and motivation.

You've tried pre-workouts, sleeping more, and watching every inspiration YouTube video but your workouts just seem so boring?

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Motivation | July 19, 2013

Mindset Of A Champion Tips

Commitment- Staying loyal to doing what you said you will long after the mood you said it in is gone!

Discipline- Say NO to things that don’t get you your YES! If it is not helping you it is hurting you.

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Motivation | June 22, 2013

Get Stronger with a Positive Mindset

Have you ever seen a power lifter or professional bodybuilder start a bench press set by lazily lying down, give out a depressing sigh loudly, and then bench 500 pounds?

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Motivation | March 17, 2013

Hammer Fitness Tips To Success

Consistency: Always stay consistent, even if you don’t see visible changes after a week or two do not throw in the towel! It takes time to see changes and if every time you don’t see them and you give up how the hell will you ever achieve the body you want?

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Motivation | January 09, 2013

Check out how transformation coach got back into incredible shape, dropping over 30lbs and becoming the worlds youngest male professional fitness model in history.  

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Motivation | December 31, 2012

This was by far the best before and after photo we were privelaged to be apart of. Each year, over 5 million children die from illnesses and other conditions caused by their environments. Making a difference in the lives of these five children in Nepal was a more rewarding experience for me than anything I have ever done. 

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Motivation | December 12, 2012

A list of the best motivational quotes to help you live inspired and motivated.

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