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Muscle Building | October 31, 2017

Pushing yourself TO failure, is not enough!


Its been scientifically proven that hypertrophy(the growth of new muscle tissue) occurs at various rep ranges.

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Muscle Building | October 08, 2013

Incline Bench Press Is More Superior Than Bench Press?


Although the bench press is the king of all chest exercises, the incline bench press may be more effective for many people.

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Muscle Building | September 28, 2013

Taylor Lautner's Secret to Building Muscle!


As most of the world today knows, celebrity Taylor Lautner made a stunning body transformation and many people are wanting to know how he did it!

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Muscle Building | September 24, 2013

15 Steps to a 300 Pound Bench Press! Secrets to Explode Your Bench Press Max!


Oh..The bench press...


The exercise that defines whether you're a man or not...


Everybody wants to be that guy that can bench press 300 pounds with ease.


That's why you see millions of desperate guys at the gym doing the bench press everyday.

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Muscle Building | September 09, 2013

How Hard Should You Grip A Barbell & Dumbbell?


There's a lot of misconceptions surrounding how hard you need to grip a barbell and dumbbell.


The top two ideas are 

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Muscle Building | August 30, 2013

The Simple Formula to Get Big & Build Muscle For Skinny Guys!


Many times, we over-complicate how to get big.


There's a lot of tips and tricks you will pick up and can learn today, but your results will depend pretty much 95% on these two things.

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Muscle Building | August 04, 2013

Why Won't My Calves Grow? How to Get Bigger Calves!

Sadly, not everyone is blessed with great calf genetics!

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Muscle Building | August 04, 2013

Trick to Make Barbell Curls More Effective

With the dream of having bigger biceps in our mind, many people today do endless bicep curls at the gym.

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Muscle Building | July 04, 2013

A Dumbbell Hand Placement Trick For Bigger Biceps
On a quest to get bigger biceps?
Well here's a little known tip to help you:

When doing any dumbbell bicep exercise, grip the top of the dumbbell.

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Muscle Building | January 15, 2013

Building a great body is like building a great house. It all begins with a sound foundation.  Your legs should be the cornerstones in your training program.  It may be impressive to see somebody with big arms, a V-shaped back, or ripped abs, then again its even more jaw dropping to see big, shredded legs!

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