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Lifestyle | November 23, 2013

Do Calf Cramps Wake You Up At Night?


The worst thing to wake up from next to having somebody break into your house is nighttime calf cramps!  You know that brutal sharp pain that wakes you up in the middle of the night when you least expect it.  Although there are numerous causes for these nighttime calf cramps, we will give you a few solutions to fix the problem.

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Lifestyle | September 14, 2013

How to Grow Taller! Is It Possible?


Being short is one of the most hated features a person can have.


Nobody wants to be that short 5'3 guy when all your friends are 6'0.

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Lifestyle | August 24, 2013

Bodybuilding With A Budget! Is it Possible?

Bodybuilding and dieting is a big investment, especially when bulking.

It's hard hit bulking calories without using lots of money.

It's the sad truth, bodybuilding and dieting comes with a cost.

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Lifestyle | August 21, 2013

Obviously, I’m not a relationship expert. But there’s something about my divorce being finalized this week that gives me perspective of things I wish I would have done different… After losing a woman that I loved, and a marriage of almost 16 years, here’s the advice I wish I would have had

1. Never stop courting. Never stop dating. NEVER EVER take that woman for granted. When you asked her to marry you, you promised to be that man that would OWN 

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Lifestyle | July 07, 2013

Recently, a businessman named Matt Lombardi decided to start the P90X, one of the most popular and biggest fitness trends.

Well, a day later, that man ended up in the ER with near kidney failure.

This man is not a Pro Fitness Model or Bodybuilder! He's just a businessman trying to lose weight he gained in college!

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Lifestyle | July 03, 2013

How to Become More Attractive & 5 Reasons People Don't Find You Attractive 

I wanted to share with you some tips to becoming more attractive!

Having a great body is one thing, having clean skin and being well groomed is another.

Admit it! Probably over 90% of the fitness population workout for aesthetics, to get respect, and to be considered "attractive"

So, we decided to create a little basic guide for you to achieve your goals.

Avoid these 5 traits that make you less attractive :

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Lifestyle | July 01, 2013

It's the time to fast with Ramadan coming up!
Over 2.2 billion people are fasting for religious purposes.
But Intermittent Fasting is not just for religious purposes!
It is a great way to lose fat and get shredded!
Also known at the 16/8 diet, IT fasting is great method to lose weight and build muscle.

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Lifestyle | June 27, 2013

Here's the truth!: You're not going to get ripped in a couple days.

With a good plan and diet, you can reach your goals faster, but still, it will take time.

What do many people do when they don't see results immediately?

They become program jumpers. Never EVER be a program jumper!

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Lifestyle | February 08, 2013

Food is as addictive as drugs! When we consume junk food, our brain reacts in a very similar manner that it would to doing illegal drugs.  No wonder why the obesity epidemic is contently rising within North America, and the worst part is that we don’t even realize that we are addicted to these foods.

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Lifestyle | January 15, 2013

A dilemma many of us face when trying to attain a well-toned physique, is choosing between a social life, and trying to look our very best.   It is said by many that if you want to look ripped and toned, you have to give up going out to eat at restaurants, which really would eliminate much of many of our social lives.

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