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Tips | September 23, 2013

If you find it challenging to do a deep squat because your trunk(upper body) is falling or leaning forward every time you go down you need to work on several things. 

1. Try elevating your heels!

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Other | April 25, 2015

Have a look at coach Amer Kamra's top 10 must read books for anyone looking to become healthy, wealthy and successful in life. Make sure to pick these reads up today and work towards changing your life.

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Abs | October 08, 2014

Although most of want a shredded six-pack, there is more to your core than meets the eye.  Train your core to do what it is supposed to do (and no the answer isn’t “picking up chicks”).

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Tips | October 07, 2014

Bar placement during squatting has a tremendous impact on where the tension is being placed during the lift. 

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Nutrition | December 09, 2013

Are you dieting the right way? Ensure that you are following a healthy approach, here are a few tips to ensure that you minimize metabolic reduction, muscle loss, and bone less along with deficiencies!

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Lifestyle | November 23, 2013

Do Calf Cramps Wake You Up At Night?


The worst thing to wake up from next to having somebody break into your house is nighttime calf cramps!  You know that brutal sharp pain that wakes you up in the middle of the night when you least expect it.  Although there are numerous causes for these nighttime calf cramps, we will give you a few solutions to fix the problem.

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Muscle Building | October 08, 2013

Incline Bench Press Is More Superior Than Bench Press?


Although the bench press is the king of all chest exercises, the incline bench press may be more effective for many people.

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Fat Loss | October 04, 2013

Train High Intensity But Not Losing Weight? The Truth About High Intensity Workouts!


Most people today do not understand what having a high intensity workout means.

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Other | October 01, 2013

"Don't Skip Leg Day!" The Truth About Whether Or Not You Should Train Legs?


In many people's thoughts, there's a major misconception that most people who workout are "upper body" dominant.


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Tips | September 28, 2013

Are Push-Ups More Effective Than the Bench Press? Myth or Truth?


Recently many online "fitness experts" are writing articles about how push-ups are more effective than the bench press.

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Muscle Building | September 28, 2013

Taylor Lautner's Secret to Building Muscle!


As most of the world today knows, celebrity Taylor Lautner made a stunning body transformation and many people are wanting to know how he did it!

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