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Other | October 12, 2017

Hammer Fitness athlete pro MMA fighter wins a Gold Medal live from the Athens Olympic Sports Complex.

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Muscle Building | January 15, 2013

Building a great body is like building a great house. It all begins with a sound foundation.  Your legs should be the cornerstones in your training program.  It may be impressive to see somebody with big arms, a V-shaped back, or ripped abs, then again its even more jaw dropping to see big, shredded legs!

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Lifestyle | January 15, 2013

A dilemma many of us face when trying to attain a well-toned physique, is choosing between a social life, and trying to look our very best.   It is said by many that if you want to look ripped and toned, you have to give up going out to eat at restaurants, which really would eliminate much of many of our social lives.

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Fat Loss | January 10, 2013

Metabolic crashing is something very common that occurs with anybody trying to lose weight including fitness competitors.  It happens so often that it has become the norm and even accepted within the fitness industry.  The truth is that it is not acceptable, trainers “gurus” and “experts” are ruining people’s lives and health for a trophy or a competition, or to drop a few pounds.  Anybody can lose weight, but are you doing it the healthy way? Are you jeopardizing your health?  Find out if this has happened to you or is happening to you, and how you can fix it and reverse the effects of it.

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Motivation | January 09, 2013

Check out how transformation coach got back into incredible shape, dropping over 30lbs and becoming the worlds youngest male professional fitness model in history.  

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Nutrition | January 09, 2013

Have a look at a fitness models diet and supplement stack.

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Fat Loss | January 07, 2013

Everybody is trying to find new ways of burning fat, when the answer really lies within your metabolism.   Speeding up your metabolism will enable you to eat clean without starving and still lose fat, get stronger, feel healthier and more energetic.   Who doesn’t want that right?

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Other | January 06, 2013

Check out the top ten funniest videos of all time for a good laugh brought to you by Hammer Fitness.

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Muscle Building | January 05, 2013

Many men have a problem with building good calves; this could be for a number of reasons.  First off, it is important to note that the male body contains a high amount of androgen receptors in the upper body, hence why it is easier for men to develop bigger shoulders, traps, and pecs.  However, this should not be an excuse as to why your legs look like pencils.

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Other | January 03, 2013

What is a Personal Trainers Salary?  Yes personal trainers do make six figures per year and some make three figures per year.  Read more to find out how you can make six figures as a trainer.

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Lifestyle | January 02, 2013

  • Tired for no reason at all?
  • Having trouble getting up in the morning?
  • Need coffee, caffeine, energy drinks, sodas, or junk food to keep going?
  • Feel run down and stressed?
  • You feel more awake, alert and energetic after 6PM than you do all day.
  • You find it difficult to recover after being sick.
  • Low blood pressure?
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