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Tips | September 23, 2013

If you find it challenging to do a deep squat because your trunk(upper body) is falling or leaning forward every time you go down you need to work on several things. 

1. Try elevating your heels!

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Nutrition | August 17, 2013

How Meals Should You Eat Every Day?

You have to eat 6 small meals per day for a fat burning fast metabolism, right?

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Other | August 05, 2013

Watch the video from the official 2013 Hammer Fitness party hosted by head coach and CEO Amer the Hammer kamra

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Fat Loss | August 04, 2013

Does Eating McDonald's Food Make You Fat? The Truth About Super Size Me! 

Thanks to documentaries like Super Size Me, McDonald's reputation to the public has taken quite a beating.

If you say you're going to eat at McDonald's, you'll likely hear these kinds of "expert advice".

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Muscle Building | August 04, 2013

Why Won't My Calves Grow? How to Get Bigger Calves!

Sadly, not everyone is blessed with great calf genetics!

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Muscle Building | August 04, 2013

Trick to Make Barbell Curls More Effective

With the dream of having bigger biceps in our mind, many people today do endless bicep curls at the gym.

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Other | August 02, 2013

Today, baseball coaches are preaching to their pitchers that the bench press is detrimental to a thrower's shoulder, specifically the scapular muscles.

Are they correct? Should baseball pitchers and throwers avoid the bench press?

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Tips | July 30, 2013

Nobody wants to be bothered by callus formations and blisters during their workouts.

Callus formations and blisters can cause your concentration to drop and even ruin workouts due to the pain.

So, is the answer to our problem, weightlifting gloves?

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Exercises | July 30, 2013

The standing press, said to be one of the most dangerous movements for the shoulder.  This is true, if you are NOT doing it correctly, much like everything else.  Driving your car is dangerous, if you drive without caution or care.

Having said that, the standing barbell shoulder press is NOT a dangerous movement, and it one of the BEST upper body exercises.

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Fat Loss | July 27, 2013

H.I.I.T. Cardio Doesn't Work? The Surprising Truth!

Most people thanks to new studies and information have learned that H.I.I.T. is more effective than your typical long low intensity cardio session.

Take a look at your gym's cardio section and you can see that most are doing H.I.I.T. in hopes of losing weight and burning fat.

H.I.I.T. Cardio Doesn't Work? The Surprising Truth!

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Interview | July 20, 2013

Hammer Fitness interviews Alan Ali, a client who successfully lost weight and transformed his life!

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