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Other | August 05, 2013

Watch the video from the official 2013 Hammer Fitness party hosted by head coach and CEO Amer the Hammer kamra

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Other | August 02, 2013

Today, baseball coaches are preaching to their pitchers that the bench press is detrimental to a thrower's shoulder, specifically the scapular muscles.

Are they correct? Should baseball pitchers and throwers avoid the bench press?

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Other | July 17, 2013

4 Tips to Build a Successful Brand

I want to personally share 4 tips with you that will help you build a successful brand or business.   Sometimes you may have the best idea, best tool, and best idea in the world, but you do not have a good business model or brand.  You can have the best thing to offer, but if nobody sees it, how is it going to become successful?

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Other | June 27, 2013

Is Matt Ogus of Legends on Aesthetics natural?

Is Chris Jones of Physique of Greatness natural?

Is Chris Lavado natural?

Is Greg Plitt natural?

Is Alon Gabbay natural?
Is Amer the Hammer natural?
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Other | June 27, 2013

One of the most popular questions I hear on forums and sites today is "How Long Should A Workout Session Be?"

A better question would be "How Long Can You Workout?"

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Other | April 02, 2013

The Deadlift is one of the best exercises, simple!  The problem is that most people cannot execute them properly.  Even though it may look right, most people are not firing and utilizing the correct muscles; they may have poor form, and in the long run are looking at serious damage to their lower backs.

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Other | February 27, 2013

Dude said "squatting isn't a functional movement". Oh really buddy, explain to me how you shit standing then!

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Other | January 06, 2013

Check out the top ten funniest videos of all time for a good laugh brought to you by Hammer Fitness.

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Other | January 03, 2013

What is a Personal Trainers Salary?  Yes personal trainers do make six figures per year and some make three figures per year.  Read more to find out how you can make six figures as a trainer.

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Other | January 01, 2013

Becoming a personal trainer is easy, but at Hammer Fitness we don’t like to call ourselves personal trainers, but transformation coaches instead.  Read more to learn how to become a personal trainer or a transformation coach.

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