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Fat Loss | March 07, 2013

Having a hard time losing weight? 3 main factors will determine weight loss. Read more to find out what those factors are

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Fat Loss | February 28, 2013

Ryan Sherman after 7 weeks training online with Hammer Fitness has made incredible changes to his physique, with still another 5 more weeks to go.

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Fat Loss | February 13, 2013

For years and years the fitness, health and bodybuilding world have been leading you in the WRONG direction.  I don’t blame you; there is so much BULLSHIT that it becomes hard, confusing and very frustrating, and that is why you haven’t been getting results.  Stop buying into the BS marketing and myths that have been leading you down the wrong path.

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Fat Loss | February 09, 2013

The amount of fat on your body is NOT as important as to WHERE the fat is.  A new study indicated that an accurate way of determining health risks such as heart disease and cardiovascular disease is not through your body mass index.  Your body mass index (BMI) is solely based upon your weight-to-height ratio which is not entirely accurate because certain facts such as body composition, and lean muscle mass are not accounted for.   

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Fat Loss | January 10, 2013

Metabolic crashing is something very common that occurs with anybody trying to lose weight including fitness competitors.  It happens so often that it has become the norm and even accepted within the fitness industry.  The truth is that it is not acceptable, trainers “gurus” and “experts” are ruining people’s lives and health for a trophy or a competition, or to drop a few pounds.  Anybody can lose weight, but are you doing it the healthy way? Are you jeopardizing your health?  Find out if this has happened to you or is happening to you, and how you can fix it and reverse the effects of it.

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Fat Loss | January 07, 2013

Everybody is trying to find new ways of burning fat, when the answer really lies within your metabolism.   Speeding up your metabolism will enable you to eat clean without starving and still lose fat, get stronger, feel healthier and more energetic.   Who doesn’t want that right?

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Fat Loss | December 02, 2012

Less is more, in simple terms. The most productive, cheap and important piece of equipment is your own body.  Many machines and equipment are unnecessary and do not work to properly activate the target muscle groups. Some equipment can be useful in complimenting your body (e.g. assisted pull. However, why use gym equipment when you have the best piece of equipment accessible to you at all times! 

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Fat Loss | December 01, 2012

Kettlebells have been around for many years, however it is only now that people are starting to pick up on it and recognize the benefits. Optimal kettlebell training can be done in timed circuits; a perfect example is to choose an exercise and perform that exercise for 1-minute intervals, and then repeating this with 5 different exercises. 5 minutes of nonstop training is far more efficient for fat loss than repetition training. This is because any one is capable of performing 5 minutes of nonstop training, regardless of the amount of repetitions attained.

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