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Do Fat Burners Work? The Truth!

Do Fat Burners Work? The Truth!

In the quest to lose weight, many times we search for alternatives to dieting and fitness. 
We're always looking for that "magic pill" to make our abs suddenly pop out and to get that fitness model body.

So instead of people asking "What exercise burns fat the most?" and "What should I eat for breakfast?" I get many questions from people asking "What fat burner works the best?" and "Which fat burner should I buy?"

What's the truth?

Many "fat loss" pills are filled with diuretics such as green tea extract, dandelion roots and caffeine, which excrete water out of your body. 
So essentially YES you do lose weight, but weight that you NEED (i.e. water weight). The worst thing you can do is dehydrate your body, for it is very unhealthy and the weight loss results are only temporary. You will not see any long-lasting weight loss in your body, because you are not burning fat. Instead, you are draining water out of your body, which ultimately results in being fatigued, moody, and unhealthy.

Fat burners do work to an extent, but many on the market are not worth what you pay, and many are falsely advertised.


Bottom Line

There is no replacement for hard work! 
Get the core created first! What is the core? Diet and working out HARD!
So many people today are focusing on their supplements before they even workout!

A fat burning supplement cannot be the core! You don't need any fat burning supplements to get your body fat down.

Look at the word supplement. It means to add into what you're already doing.
You add it AFTER you're doing everything right.

So what fat burning supplement do I recommend?.

There is NO supplement I recommend!
I, myself, don't take any supplements.
I choose NOT to take supplements, although I'm sponsored by Fusion Bodybuilding, a great supplement company.

Why? I don't believe that a fat burner is required, your body can burn through your fat through a proper diet, training, and cardiovascular activity, so I would rather spend my money on higher quality food.

Don't depend on products and supplements, depend on your hard work and diet to get the results you want.

Fat Loss | March 25, 2013

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