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Perfect the Pushup

Often when working with clients and performing movement assessments I notice that the one exercise commonly executed improperly is the pushup.  Even though they can go through the movement as far as going up and down, it does NOT mean they are doing a pushup correctly.


The more common compensation is sagging of the lower back.  There are a few things that need to be done in order to correct this.   The first issue is that you have a few over active muscles, and when muscles are overactive they tend to pull your body and more specifically interrupt your posture.  The main muscle groups that are overactive are your Erectors which are the (two) muscles stemming from your lower back going upward along your body and as well your hip flexors.


Take the time to stretch these muscles out, and also to foam roll.


Now that we know which muscles need to be underactive, we have to activate and strengthen your core and Gluteus Maximus.  Your core and Gluteus Maximus aid in maintain optimal posture during a pushup.  The first thing to do would be to work on your planks.  As the pushup is performed in a plank position, it is best that you strengthen your body in that plane.  Next you will want to strengthen your gluteus.


Once you have taken the necessary steps to under activate your erectors and hip flexors, and strengthening your core and gluteus you will begin to notice an improvement in your pushup without the lower back sagging down and putting excessive pressure on that area.  That is usually how many of us get back pain after all.   

Tips | May 07, 2013

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