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Core Training is NOT AB training!

I can't tell you how important it is that you train your CORE and not just your SIX PACK better known as your Rectus Abdomen or Anterior Core.  Imagine for a minute that you only ever trained your biceps but never your triceps, well that is pretty much what many people do with their core. 


Many people tend to work on those superficial muscles because we can see them, however when it comes to our core it is SO IMPORTANT that we train those intrinsic core muscles that provide us with so many functions including stabilization and synergetic energy throughout each movement.


Imagine for a minute that your chest and shoulders are strong enough to press 100lb dumbbells in each hand.  Now imagine a un trained core or a non active core because you didn't do a proper warm-up.


Now I want you to imagine how weak your core would be, and how little it actually matters your shoulder or chest strength because you are only as strong as your weakest point.  If your core is weak, that is your limitation during the exercise.  I mean sure you may not feel weak doing it once or twice, but that's how injuries actually work.  Injuries are a result of repetitive motion, so over time you can bet your butt that your lower back is going to be hurting.


A thorough warm-up should consist of 4-5 sets at 10-15 reps. Some of the best exercises for this would be ball slams, cable twists, band twists, planks etc.

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Abs | June 04, 2013

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