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3 Tips For Proper Form During Exercise
3 Tips For Proper Form During Exercise
This is how the majority of people today learn an exercise.
They just watch someone doing the exercise and mimic it.
And to them, that is "proper form."

This will overtime lead you to injury, stress on your joints, and less results in the gym.
Yes, LESS results in the gym!

You would be amazed by how complex and advanced a "simple" exercise like the squat is.
You MUST read articles and watch YouTube videos on proper form.

It is YOUR responsibility to learn how to do an exercise and what proper form is.

Here are just three example articles of mine about proper form.

The Squat:

The Push-Up:

The Deadlift:

Proper form is EXTREMELY underrated today. Instead people are focused on magical supplements that make you ripped in one week. 
Don't fall into the fitness industry's trap and focus on what matters!

Here are 3 tips of mine that apply to most exercises. (These tips do not apply to some exercises)

Tip 1: Concentrate on an object in front of you and try to keep the head still.

Where the head goes, the body will follow.
If you're head is cocked up and leaning back during a bicep, I guarantee you're body is also leaning back and you are not using proper form.

Tip 2: Squeeze your Glutes.

You're body is able be more stiff if you squeeze your glutes.

Tips 3: Stay on your Heels.

If you are on the balls of your feet during an exercise such as the bicep curl, you are more likely to cheat by doing a slight "calf raise."
By staying on your heels, you are more balanced and have a stronger core.

Thanks for reading this article and I hope this helps!
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Tips | June 20, 2013

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