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How to Become More Attractive & 5 Reasons People Don't Find You Attractive

How to Become More Attractive & 5 Reasons People Don't Find You Attractive 

I wanted to share with you some tips to becoming more attractive!

Having a great body is one thing, having clean skin and being well groomed is another.

Admit it! Probably over 90% of the fitness population workout for aesthetics, to get respect, and to be considered "attractive"

So, we decided to create a little basic guide for you to achieve your goals.

Avoid these 5 traits that make you less attractive :

Enemy # 1 : Acne

Good looks and and a great body is pointless without clean skin.
Most people are disgusted by people with red skin covered with acne.
Everybody LOVES glowing skin, which is a sign of cleanness.

Tips to Solve Acne:
- Sleep with your head up, rather than having your face on your pillow. 
- Clean your face with a separate towel. Remember to tap-dry, rather than rub-dry.
- Don't touch and squeeze acne! Acne goes away, scars do not.
- Wash your face with an acne cleanser during your post-workout shower, rather than before sleeping.
- Apply sunscreen when going out. Always!
- Avoid fried foods and eat a clean healthy diet! 
- Remember to stay hydrated.
- Put Fish Oil and Greens in your supplement stack.

Enemy # 2 : Dandruff 

Imagine looking into a person's hair and seeing dandruff covering his/her hair. Who would like that?

Tips to Solve Dandruff :
- Shower and wash your hair once daily.
- Fully rinse your hair, don't leave shampoo in your hair.
- Don't scratch your hair! Resist the temptation.

Enemy # 3 : Bad Odor
What's this smell? It's coming from the guy next to you.
AKA the guy nobody likes talking to.
Bad odor just puts most people in a bad mood and symbolizes filth.

Tips to Solve Bad Odor :
- Shower daily and clean your body fully
- Apply deodorant 
- Wash yourself with a good smelling soap
- Wash your bed sheets and pillow often
- Brush your teeth and mouth-wash
- Always keep your nails cut
- Shave and groom daily

Enemy # 4 : Yellow Teeth
Imagine seeing someone smiling and suddenly seeing yellow teeth.
It gives others the thought that you're dirty and filthy.

Tips to Solve Yellow Teeth :
- Brush your teeth 3 times daily
- Use mouth wash once daily
- Use a toothpaste and mouth wash that is specified for whitening
- Avoid sweets

Enemy # 5 : Bad Posture
Bad posture symbolizes shyness and lack of confidence.
Good posture symbolizes confidence.
It even makes your shoulders look more broad and makes you look taller!

Tips to Solve Bad Posture :
- Do Shoulder Wall slides
- Make it a habit to keep your back straight and chest up
- Avoid doing computer with your back curved

Best of luck attracting the opposite or same sex and making yourself more aesthetic!
Avoiding these 5 bad traits will help you attract the opposite sex and look better.

I really hope this helps!

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Stay Tuned for More!


Lifestyle | July 03, 2013

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