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A Dumbbell Hand Placement Trick For Bigger Biceps

A Dumbbell Hand Placement Trick For Bigger Biceps
On a quest to get bigger biceps?
Well here's a little known tip to help you:

When doing any dumbbell bicep exercise, grip the top of the dumbbell.


Try this out:
Flex your biceps with your palm facing forward.
Now supinate the palm and make the palm face your face and ear.

Congratulations! You just discovered one of the biceps duties!

Supination is done by the biceps brachii and the supinator muscle.

Try doing a curl with your hand gripping the middle of the dumbbell.
And then try it gripping the top of the dumbbell.

A lot harder, isn't it?

The reason being, it is harder on the biceps as they now need to stabilize the dumbbell more.

You should feel the dumbbell trying to force your forearm into pronation, the opposite of supination.

Gripping the top of the dumbbell makes bicep curls not just elbow flexion exercises, but also forearm supination exercises.

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Muscle Building | July 04, 2013

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