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Man Nearly Dies From P90X! Find A Custom Plan For You!

Man Nearly Dies From P90X! Find A Custom Plan For You!

Recently, a businessman named Matt Lombardi decided to start the P90X, one of the most popular and biggest fitness trends.

Well, a day later, that man ended up in the ER with near kidney failure.

This man is not a Pro Fitness Model or Bodybuilder! He's just a businessman trying to lose weight he gained in college!

And that man ended up in the ER from P90X. It took him one day of P90x for that to happen. ONE DAY.

This is just another reason why most cookie cutter workout programs fail.

Everybody is different. Not everybody can do a certain workout and not everyone reacts the same.

I want to give you, my readers, a tip I want you to never forget and always keep in mind.

Work up to your workout goals. Lead up to where you want to be.

Whether it's to bench press 400 pounds or run a marathon, this still will apply.

If you can't bench 100, then you shouldn't be trying to bench 400 pounds. It's common sense yet people ignore it.

You shouldn't set the weight a certain weight because your role model lifts that much or because your friends lifts that much.

Progress Slowly! Know your body and listen to the signs it gives you. 

I see so many obese individuals just jump into a program like P90X and they risk so many things in their health.

And the truth is, P90X gives you NUMEROUS warnings before letting you start.

Yet so many people ignore it. That's how you end up in the ER and get hurt.

This is like an obese individual who has never worked out suddenly stating that he will run a marathon.

Don't risk your health and body and get on a custom program made for YOU, not anybody else.

Stay Safe and Always Make Your Health The Main Priority

Our hopes and hearts go out to Matt Lombardi and his family for a quick recovery and good health.

Lifestyle | July 07, 2013

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