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Get A Tight Flat Stomach with the Stomach Vacuum! Exercise that ACTUALLY Narrows the Waist!

Get A Tight Flat Stomach with the Stomach Vacuum! Exercise that ACTUALLY Narrows the Waist!

As you probably know, crunches and sit-ups do not burn belly fat, nor do they narrow the waist.

No matter how many sit-ups you do, if you don't have a proper diet, you'll never have a flat stomach.

Although that is true, what if I told you there is actually an exercise that tightens, tones, flattens, and narrows the stomach?

One of the most unknown exercises, that is also one of the best ab exercises.

The name? The Stomach Vacuum aka The Ab Vacuum

Schwarzenegger Stomach Vacuum

Although it's name makes it sound like another one of the fitness industry's scams, it's not.

So what is it?! How do you do it?!

1. Find your position. You may be standing, lying, or sitting. Whichever position you're at, try to have your back slightly curved.
2. Exhale All the Air Out of Your Lungs & Suck in your Abs
4. Contract your Abs and Hold. You can hold for 10 seconds or even go up to a minute.
Remember, work your way up and start slowly. As time goes by you will improve and be able to go longer.

Beginners : 10-20 Seconds
Intermediate: 30-40 Seconds
Advanced: 50-60 Seconds

You can do this throughout the entire day when you have nothing to do such as during a traffic jam or while waiting in line.

The best time to this is in the morning on an empty stomach as you have no food in your stomach and everything is digested.
Do not do this exercise after eating, for obvious reasons.

This is a very simple exercise that will make a major difference for your waist and stomach when mastered.
Bodybuilders and fitness models do it? Why shouldn't you be doing it?

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Abs | July 09, 2013

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