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4 Tips to Build a Successful Brand

4 Tips to Build a Successful Brand

I want to personally share 4 tips with you that will help you build a successful brand or business.   Sometimes you may have the best idea, best tool, and best idea in the world, but you do not have a good business model or brand.  You can have the best thing to offer, but if nobody sees it, how is it going to become successful?



Plain and simple, if you are NOT passionate about what you are doing, stop right there!  People can smell bullshit a mile away, and if you do not love what you do, or you are not truly passionate about it, chances are you wont be successful unless you get lucky!  Find something you are passionate about.  Make sure you are passionate about the business, learning, and genuinely delivering the best product or service!



Remember who is helping you build your business, remember who it is that is buying your products and services, and remember who it is that is building your brand, the customers or clients.  Always involve them in the process of growth, listen to them, and hear their feedback and what they want! 

Many business owners have a hard time hearing the truth, and hate criticism, so they just exclude the customers out of the equation, BAD MOVE! Always include your clients and customers in decision-making!



Everybody and I mean everybody loves a story.  I am not saying make up a story, but we all have a story.  We all have a background and history of our life, how and why we started our business or brand.  Share that with the customers and clients, people love to be apart of something that has value and meaning behind it!  Storytelling gives meaning, feeling, and emotion!



You are not always right, you do make mistakes, and we are all human!  A huge mistake brands and business owners make is that they do not accept responsibility for mistakes or simply not knowing.  It is ok to say that you don’t know, it is ok to say you have made mistakes; people will forgive you and stand by your side.  Don’t lie to your customers and clients.  Essentially you are biting the hand that feeds you, and people will not be loyal to your brand if you are not loyal to them.  People will respect you more knowing that you to make mistakes, and you actually own up to your actions.


Start applying those 4 tips to your brand or business, they will be instrumental for growth and can really help you take it to the next level.  Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow us on instagram @hammerfitness



Other | July 17, 2013

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