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How to Prevent Callus Formations and Blisters

How to Prevent Callus Formations and Blisters

So you're getting callus formations and blisters on your hands from lifting weights...

Nobody wants to be bothered by callus formations and blisters during their workouts.

Callus formations and blisters can cause your concentration to drop and even ruin workouts due to the pain.

So, is the answer to our problem, weightlifting gloves?

Absolutely not!

The glove will reduce the grip's strength and make the bar harder to hold.

In addition to that, the gloves that incorporate wrist wraps prevent the wrists from getting used to training and getting stronger.

Gloves are for the mentally weak.

Heavy weightlifting isn't supposed to be "comfortable."

So how do you prevent callus formations and blisters?

Step 1: Man up and stop complaining. 

Don't let it ruin your workouts and fight through the pain.

Accept that this is part of weightlifting.

Step 2: Grip The Bar Correctly. Do NOT grip the bar in your palm. 

Instead, grip the bar at the bottom of your fingers.

This applies to most exercises including the pull-up, barbell rows, curl, and deadlift.

Step 3: Apply hand lotion and moisturize the hand.

Step 4: Use Chalk. Chalk is a friend. 
It is vital for safety as it keeps the hand dry and tight.
Less skin will be pressed down and the load on the folds will decrease.
This leads to less callus formations and blisters on your hands!

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Tips | July 30, 2013

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