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Should Baseball Pitchers Bench Press? Bench Press Bad For Shoulders?

Should Baseball Pitchers Bench Press? Bench Press Bad For Shoulders?

Today, baseball coaches are preaching to their pitchers that the bench press is detrimental to a thrower's shoulder, specifically the scapular muscles.

Are they correct? Should baseball pitchers and throwers avoid the bench press?

The answer: An INCORRECTLY done bench press is one of the WORST exercises to do, especially to someone like a pitcher.

This can absolutely mess up their shoulders and even ruin their career!

This doesn't just apply for pitchers, this also applies for EVERYONE.

So should everyone avoid the bench press like hundreds of instructors, coaches, and "experts" are saying?

No, the CORRECTLY done bench press is a great exercise.

Bench press with caution and focus on PROPER form.

What do I define as proper form?

Well, you can write a book on the bench press and proper form.

You may be surprised by how complex a "simple" exercise like the bench press actually is!

But here are 3 MUST-DO tips to avoid shoulder destruction from the bench press.

Tip 1. Don't Flare Your Elbows Outward! Keep Your Elbows Below the Shoulder Line.

If you flare your elbows out, you will get shoulder impingement.

Instead lower the elbows and always keep this in mind: THE ELBOW MUST BE BELOW THE SHOULDER LINE

Tip 2. Arch Your Back!

This does not mean to have your butt in the air...

Have your butt and upper back on the floor/bench and arch the back.

Tip 3. Don't Drop It!

Form is important but their are hundreds of injuries from DROPPING the bar on your ribcage!

Search bench press fail on YouTube and your chest will hurt just from watching the videos..

So how do you avoid it?

- Change the grip / get a good grip while the bar is in the rack. NOT when it is hovering over your chest.

- Use a weight you can handle. Don't be stupid and use common sense. 

- Get a good spotter. Someone who actually cares about you and doesn't just stand their while daydreaming.

Remember you can REALLY hurt yourself from dropping the bar on your chest.

Thanks for reading this article and stay safe!

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Stay tuned for more!

Other | August 02, 2013

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