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Why Won't My Calves Grow? How to Get Bigger Calves!

Why Won't My Calves Grow? How to Get Bigger Calves!

Sadly, not everyone is blessed with great calf genetics!

But you have to work with what you got!

Here are three tips to get bigger calves!

Tip 1: Work Your Calves With Methodical Slow Form!

Slow down and imagine you're doing calf raises in slow motion.

Always keep in mind, it's time under tension that grows the muscle.

Tip 2: Feel the Stretch!

Feel your calf stretch fully down.

This makes the exercise much harder and more effective for calf growth.

Tip 3: Do Variations!

Ensure you are doing both seated and standing variations to properly develop the gastrocnemius and the soleus.

You can also do jump raise raises and calf raise holds.

Mix it up and watch your calves grow!

Thanks for reading this article and best luck reaching your fitness goals!

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Stay tuned for more!

Muscle Building | August 04, 2013

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