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Does Eating McDonald's Food Make You Fat? The Truth About Super Size Me!

Does Eating McDonald's Food Make You Fat? The Truth About Super Size Me! 

Thanks to documentaries like Super Size Me, McDonald's reputation to the public has taken quite a beating.

If you say you're going to eat at McDonald's, you'll likely hear these kinds of "expert advice".

"You're going to get fat if you eat at McDonald's."

"McDonald's food is too fattening!"

"Don't eat there! Obese people only eat there!"

But the truth is, you can diet on Twinkies. 

So no doubt, you can look fit and eat at McDonald's.

The director/main character of Super Size Me intentionally got fat!

He was eating 5000 calories everyday!

File:Super Size Me Poster.jpg

Of course you'll get fat! Not because you're eating at McDonald's, but because you're eating 5000 calories!

Even if you eat 5000 calories of Subway, Burger King, Panda Express, Taco Bell, or even chicken breast and rice, you'll get fat.

If you eat over your calories and macros, you'll gain weight, especially if you don't workout! 

So rather than choosing what restaurant and store you eat, count your calories and macros.

Now, I'm not saying that McDonald's is the best place to eat for optimal health.

But I feel like McDonald's food's reputation as a "fattening food" is incorrect.

Thanks for reading this article and best luck reaching your fitness goals!

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Stay tuned for more!

Fat Loss | August 04, 2013

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