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How Meals Should You Eat Every Day?

How Meals Should You Eat Every Day?


You have to eat 6 small meals per day for a fat burning fast metabolism, right?


Or is it that you have to eat 3 big meals per day, since the Hodgetwins and those who do intermittent fasting do it?


The truth is, it doesn't matter.


The "6 small meals per day for a faster metabolism" was a marketing technique done by a protein shake company so that people will buy their meal replacement shakes.




Moreover, if you are on low calories, then all your 6 meals will be TINY!.




So if you're eating 1500 calories, each meal with be around 250 calories!


What kind of satisfaction and fullness with you get from eating six 250 calorie meals?


I'm not saying it's wrong, I'm just saying you won't have the satisfaction of having a big meal.


So depending on your calories and your lifestyle, eat however you want!


There's ripped, muscular people who eat 6 meals per fday. And there's ripped, muscular people who eat 3 meals per day.


It DOESN'T matter, just count your macros and your calories and you're good:)


Because in the end, it's calories in and calories out that determines your body.



Thanks for reading this article and best luck reaching your fitness goals!


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Stay tuned for more!

Nutrition | August 17, 2013

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