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Bodybuilding With A Budget! Is it Possible?

Bodybuilding With A Budget! Is it Possible?


Bodybuilding and dieting is a big investment, especially when bulking.


It's hard hit bulking calories without using lots of money.


It's the sad truth, bodybuilding and dieting comes with a cost.


And not anyone is born in a rich family or have a job that allows them to spend hundreds every week on food.


But I have some tips for you to weaken the blow to your wallet and help you save money!


Tip 1: Buy Food In Bulk


Rather than buying food in small packages, buy them in bulk and in large quantity.


The price for each serving will be cheaper and money will be saved.




Tip 2: Go To The Gym


Rather than having the buy dumbbells, benches, racks, barbells, etc, buy a gym memebrship.


Many people make the mistake of trying to make their own home gym, get frusterated, and then buy a gym membership, regretting not buying it sooner.


Don't make that mistake and buy a gym membership.


There are many cheap gyms that can cost $10-15 dollars a month.




Tip 3: Don't Buy Supplements


Why? Food > Supplements


Supplements supplement the food.


I would much rather see someone buy food than supplements.


Supplements are very expensive and are POINTLESS without a well-planned diet.


Exception: Whey protein is very cheap considering how many servings it contains.


So it would be smart to invest in whey protein.


Lastly, make the commitment and don't make excuses!


Thanks for reading this article and best luck reaching your fitness goals!


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Stay tuned for more!

Lifestyle | August 24, 2013

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