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The Simple Formula to Get Big & Build Muscle For Skinny Guys!

The Simple Formula to Get Big & Build Muscle For Skinny Guys!


Many times, we over-complicate how to get big.


There's a lot of tips and tricks you will pick up and can learn today, but your results will depend pretty much 95% on these two things.


Rule #1 : Lift Heavy


You MUST lift heavy to build muscle.


Muscle builds when your body is under tension and it senses it needs to grow stronger.


So lift heavy, progressing every week or two weeks in weight.



#2 Eat, Eat, Eat


You must eat. If you don't see yourself getting heavier each week, eat even more.


And no, this does not mean eat donuts all day.


Eat balanced meals of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.




Listen to your body and look at the scale each week and make changes accordingly.


You WILL see results simply by following these two rules.


Most guys today in high school sports such as football just follow these two rules to get bigger.


Much bigger than most "computer bodybuilding" experts...

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Muscle Building | August 30, 2013

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