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Weigh Your Food! 1 Reason Why You're Not Seeing Results!

Weigh Your Food! 1 Reason Why You're Not Seeing Results!


Here's some common sense : If your diet asks you to eat 15 ounces of chicken, how many ounces of chicken should you eat?


Obviously, 15 ounces.


But the problem is, most people when told to eat 15 ounces of chicken, will instead eat 10 ounces of chicken.


Why? They don't weigh their food!


So many guys who think they're eating 200 calories above maintenance are instead just eating maintenance.


Hence, no weight will be gained.


You may be surprised how big of a difference it will make!


You MUST weight your food and make sure you are hitting your caloric needs with your foods. 

Accuracy is critical to seeing optimum results!


We recommend you purchase a food scale and to weigh the food ALWAYS before eating.


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Fat Loss | September 01, 2013

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