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Common Flaw in Planking and Static Holds! Can You Count Correctly?

Common Flaw in Planking and Static Holds! Can You Count Correctly?


If your exercise plan tells you to do a plank for 60 seconds, you should obviously hold it for 60 seconds.


But I guarantee that most of those counting in their heads will likely all stop before 60 seconds.


When you are starting to fatigue, you're counting gets much faster!


So you're pretty much "speed counting"


You may even skip numbers!


So it would go like:


35 , 36 , 38 , 48, 49, 51


You may be surprised by how many times you have messed up in your counting in the past.


Moreover, less time under tension and less reps equals less muscle gains and calories burned.


The solution?


For those speed counters, use a stop watch rather than your head.


Those "60 second" planks will turn out to be a lot harder than you thought!


For those number skippers, there's many solutions but the main one would be to say the number or at least mouth it.


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Abs | September 05, 2013

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