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How Hard Should You Grip A Barbell & Dumbbell?

How Hard Should You Grip A Barbell & Dumbbell?


There's a lot of misconceptions surrounding how hard you need to grip a barbell and dumbbell.


The top two ideas are


1. Grip it as Loose as Possible


2. Grip it as Hard as Possible


Which one is correct?


You should have a firm grip on the bar.


People say to have a loose, weak grip to "deactivate" the forearm muscles.


Thus, deactivating the forearm muscles will put more tension on the muscle being used.


Two problems with that.


If you can grip the bar loose, you must be lifting 2 pound dumbbells.


It's impossible to grip 70 pound dumbbell with a loose grip.


If you do, you do, you will drop it and injure yourself.


Which is the second reason : Safety


If you don't believe me, try it yourself.


By having a firm grip on the bar, you will find that you will have much more control and strength.


YOU will control the dumbbell/barbell, rather than it controlling you!


Your body knows how to hold objects!


It is natural for the body to grip something heavy with a firm grip.


Why would you fight that?


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Muscle Building | September 09, 2013

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