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Can Stretching & Mobility Work Help Build Muscle?

Can Stretching & Mobility Work Help Build Muscle?


Flexibility and mobility are two often ignored topics in bodybuilding and weightlifting.


If you ask in the bodybuilding.com forum if stretching and mobility work helps build muscle, they'll probably laugh at you.


So is stretching and mobility work only for girls in yoga?


Nope! The truth is, stretching and mobility work CAN help you build more muscle!




If you're very tight in your glutes, hamstrings, and quads, how well do you think you can squat?


Try this out.


Do a bodyweight ass-to-grass squat.


Most people who do this cannot go lower than parallel and their range of motion is very limited.


Moreover, these people will be doing squats with heavy weights on a barbell....


See my point?


Those people will be doing half reps with terrible form during their squats.


Moreover, they risk getting injured!


The better your range of motion is, the better your exercise form will be.


And proper exercise form is one of the most critical components of weightlifting.


In order to have proper exercise form, you NEED to be flexible and have mobility! (full range of motion)

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Tips | September 10, 2013

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