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How to Grow Taller! Is It Possible?

How to Grow Taller! Is It Possible?


Being short is one of the most hated features a person can have.


Nobody wants to be that short 5'3 guy when all your friends are 6'0.


In your social life, being short can take away your self confidence and make people look down on you, literally.


In your sports career, being short can make scouts look away from you and it will haunt you forever.


The point is, height matters in life.


Since you're reading this article, I'm guessing you're one of those people who want to grow taller?


So, is it possible?


Can you really grow taller?


The truth is, you can't make your bones longer by stretching and you can't have "short" genetics and be 6'3 because you did some secret "grow taller" exercise.


It's just not possible.


Don't waste your time and money looking into those money-stealing "grow taller" scams.


Here is the no bull-shit solution to your height problems.


Tip 1. Nutrition


Do NOT starve yourself and deprive yourself of food and vitamins.


I do not advise teens to go on a "cut."


Try your best to get all your body's needs for all micros.


Tip 2. Sleep


Get 6-10 hours of sleep every day, especially if you're a teen.


Tip 3. Good Posture


Posture has a major effect on height.


If you're 5'7 and have good posture, you'll look like you're 5'7.


If you're 5'7 and have terrible, curved posture, you'll look like your 5'3.


Always remember to stand tall!


Tip 4. Stretch and Foam Roll


Tight muscles mean short muscles.


Loose, relaxed muscles means long muscles.


Always stretch and foam roll daily!


One of the best stretches to do is to hang from a pull-up bar.


Feel your spine lengthen.


Tip 5. Wear Soles


If you're flat footed and short, get orthotics.


If you're short, get height increasing insoles.


These can help you look 1-3 inches taller when in shoes!


Tip 6. Chiropractor


By visiting a chiropractor and getting your spine adjusted, you can get up to 3 inches in your height!


You didn't grow taller. You HAD the height. It was just hidden by your bad posture and unaligned body.


Tip 7. Get A Better Body


If you are muscular and have a V taper, you will look much taller than you actually are.


A good example is popular YouTuber Elliot Hulse.


Due to his muscularity, you would expect him to be at least 6'0.


But he is actually 5'9!


Muscle makes an illusion that you're taller!


Tip 8. Spike the Hair Up!


Get some hair spray and spike your hair up.


You can gain an inch of "illusion" height by doing this.


Many short celebrities are known for doing this to look taller.


Tip 9. Wear Clothes that Fit!


Please avoid all baggy clothes and over sized clothing!


It makes you look EVEN smaller and shorter.


Sagging can make your legs seem like they're 2 foot long!


Wear clothes that fit!


Tip 10. Be Confident


Don't be weak mentally.


Always act confidently.


People respect self-confidence.


People who get made fun of due to being short have not only little legs but little confidence.


Always keep this in mind, there's millions of short people just like you!


Be confident and know that height doesn't define you.

Thanks for reading this article!

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Stay tuned for more!

Lifestyle | September 14, 2013

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