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The Reason Why Cheating on Your Diet Prevents Fat Loss

The Reason Why Cheating on Your Diet Prevents Fat Loss


So you're on a strict diet and everything is going well!


You tell yourself you will absolutely NEVER cheat on your diet and your body is about to explode with the determination to lose weight.


Then you see this...



After the muscular fit angel and fat ass devil in you battle for 5 minutes, you give in and eat one cupcake.


What happens next?


Guilt and regret torture your brain!


"Why did I eat that!?"


"What have I done!?"


"How will I live now!?"


"Life will never be the same!"


After all that stress, you put the white flag up and go on a cupcake feast saying "I ate one, I might as well eat 15."


Sound familiar?


Understand this:


One cupcake will NOT significantly hurt your fat loss results.


15 cupcakes WILL hurt your fat loss results.


When you cheat on your diet, you must recognize the process and stop yourself.


If you're going to cheat on your diet, have one small cheat meal and put the fork down.


Do NOT let it turn into a refrigerator rampage.


Limit the damage during cheat meals to see optimal fat loss results!

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Fat Loss | September 19, 2013

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