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Discomfort in Scapular and Shoulder Blade Muscles From Back Squats?

Discomfort in Scapular and Shoulder Blade Muscles From Back Squats?


One of the most common injuries during back squats is a pulled scapular muscle.


After squatting, you may feel some discomfort in your shoulder blade/scapular muscle area.


If you feel serious pain, severe strength loss, and loss of range of motion, then I would recommend you see a doctor as soon as possible and get it checked out.


But if it is just some slight discomfort, it is likely just a slightly pulled muscle from bad squat form.


Here are the four cures to the discomfort!:


1. Rest.


You must rest your back muscles!


Don't squat the next day!


Let your body recover and see if the discomfort goes away.


I would recommend you rest 1-3 days from training.


2. Foam Roll and Massage


Try to loosen the muscles with a foam roller or have someone massage you.


This will help speed up the recovery process and loosen the muscles.


3. Ice


Put some ice on your pulled muscle.


You can use an ice pack or ice bath.


Ice the muscle for 10 minutes max.


4. Exercise


Do some exercises to test the muscle.


For example, one great exercise to do are wall slides to test the muscle's mobility and flexibility.


These exercises will help you get back into shape and help the muscle recover.


Also, remember to stretch the muscle!

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Other | September 24, 2013

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