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15 Steps to a 300 Pound Bench Press! Secrets to Explode Your Bench Press Max!

15 Steps to a 300 Pound Bench Press! Secrets to Explode Your Bench Press Max!


Oh..The bench press...


The exercise that defines whether you're a man or not...


Everybody wants to be that guy that can bench press 300 pounds with ease.


That's why you see millions of desperate guys at the gym doing the bench press everyday.


So you're wondering, how can you increase your bench press so you don't die from a heart attack when someone at the gym asks you "How much ya bench?"


Here are 15 steps to increase your bench press max significantly!


Step 1. Bench Press More Frequently!


Your bench press doesn't go from 225 to 300 behind a computer screen!


You have to bench press more frequently and find your rhythm!


Step 2. Do Chest Specialization Exercises!


Don't just do bench press.


Use a variety of ways to strengthen the chest with a focus on a certain part of the chest.


Good examples are incline bench press, decline bench press, and weighted dips.


This will lead up to more chest strength and a higher bench press max!


Step 3. Work All Your Body Parts!


You're body is as strong as its weakest link.


You MUST workout your entire body, including the forearms!


If you're core is weak you will not be able to bench press 300 pounds.


Work on all your lifts and strengthen all your body parts!


Step 4. Arch Your Back!


Arch your back as much as you can while keeping your butt on the bench!


Step 5. Tuck the Elbows!


Do your shoulders a favor and tuck the elbows on the negative.


Coming down at a 90 degree angle will cause shoulder impingement and is one of the fastest ways to hurt your shoulder.


Step 6. Explode on the Way Up!


Don't do any of that "lift the weight slow" bull crap!


Absolutely explode up on the positive phase of the lift!


Step 7. Tight Body and Core!


While lying on the bench, have a tight stomach, tight back, and squeezed glutes.


This will significantly help increase your bench press!


Step 8. Valsalva Maneuver!


After each completed rep, take a deep breath in.


After you take a breath in and fill up your stomach, complete another rep.


Make this a habit!


Step 9. Mind Muscle Connection!


While bench pressing, focus on your chest and imagine squeezing your two pecs together.


Many times we feel the burn in the triceps rather than the chest.


That tells you're lifting the weight with mostly your triceps, rather than your chest.


Step 10. Have a Spotter


Bench press with no fears.


Test your limits and go 100%.


Don't let fear keep your from lifting heavy!


Step 11. Bend Bar (Tight Grip)


Imagine bending the bar while bench pressing.


This will lead to more bar control and will help you lift more weight.


Have a firm grip to the point your knuckles are white!


Step 12. Bulk


You can't expect to bench press 300 pounds as a skinny, frail 110 pound boy.


Put some mass on your frame and eat like there's no tomorrow!


Step 13. Find Your Hand Placement


Depending on your arm length and genetic frame, find a hand placement you're comfortable with.


Everyone is different.


The only way to find it is by trial.


Step 14. Bench Press First


Don't bench press at the end of your workout!


Treat the bench press like a V.I.P.


You want to bench press when you're the strongest and least fatigued.


So many people bench press after an hour of cardio and an hour of chest and triceps exercises???


Don't do that!


You're fatigued and weak at that point!


For that reason, bench press early in your workout!


Step 15. Pump Yourself Up!


Have you ever seen a power lifter quietly go to the bench press station, lie down, let out a depressing sigh, and then bench 500 pounds?


No! You see them banging their heads, clapping their hands, shouting to the sky, and whatever they can to pump themselves up!


Believe you can lift the weight and you WILL lift the weight!

Thanks for reading this article!

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Muscle Building | September 24, 2013

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