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Pain in Triceps After Triceps Exercises? Cure Triceps Pain!

Pain in Triceps After Triceps Exercises? Cure Triceps Pain!


As most of us know, the main function of the triceps is to extend the arm.


Which is why all triceps exercises such as kickbacks, dips, rope pull downs, lying triceps extensions, and skull crushers are based around the arm extending.


But many people in the fitness community are experiencing triceps pain after workouts, especially around the joint.


I believe the reason for that is the hyper extension of the arm.


On all contractions of an exercise, you should explosively lift/pull the weight.


But explosively extending your arm to hypertension doesn't sound very healthy on your joints!


So what's the solution?


Extend the arm explosively during triceps exercises, but stop slightly before hyper extension.


Avoid hyper extension at all costs!


This will take a while to get used to and will take practice but it will be very beneficial to your joint health in a long run!

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Other | September 27, 2013

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