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Tuna and Top Ramen for Bodybuilding? More Effective Than Steroids?

Tuna and Top Ramen for Bodybuilding? More Effective Than Steroids?


Thanks to a currently VERY famous YouTube bodybuilder (that will not be named), tuna and top ramen are now apparently more anabolic than steroids!


Not only is top ramen and tuna the new replacement for steroids, there's even a soda and coffee pre-workout stack for EVEN more insane muscle gains!


"You don't need to take steroids if you eat tuna and top ramen!"


...It is absolutely hilarious how the fitness community will blindly believe in anything a person with a great physique says!


To clear the air and bring some common sense back into the fitness community


1. Tuna and top ramen are no more "anabolic" than chicken and brown rice.

That bodybuilder could have picked any two foods and the fitness community would worship it as the new kings of foods!

It's JUST food! Nothing more and nothing less!


2. Using a pre-workout of soda and coffee actually isn't a bad idea.

It can actually help your workout due to the caffeine and sugar.

It's known for being used by people in prison before workouts.

But don't expect to "look like you take steroids" if you drink that as your pre-workout.

It's just a cheaper alternative to a pre-workout, nothing more.


So don't believe in hyped up crap in the fitness community!


If you truly seek a more muscular and ripped body, get on a plan that's backed up by scientific research and proved to work on hundreds of people.

Thanks for reading this article!

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Stay tuned for more!

Nutrition | September 28, 2013

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