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How Accurate is a BMI Measure? Should You Trust It?

How Accurate is a BMI Measure? Should You Trust It?


Many people today use BMI measures to access their weight and health.


But I believe that the BMI measures are very inaccurate and incorrect.




What do you need to get your BMI measurements?


Height, weight, and age....


That's it?


So you're telling me, that a calculator will access my weight and health if I plug in just my height, weight, and age?


That makes no sense!


First off, muscle weighs MORE than fat!


BMI doesn't access your body fat percentage, which is why it is incorrect!


Muscular, healthy men can come out as overweight and obese in their BMI testings!


Most football players in the NFL would come out as overweight and obese.


Next, weight can't access your health 100% accurately!


For example, sumo wrestlers may appear very unhealthy but studies on their blood pressure and heart beat rate showed how healthy they were!


They look like they're unhealthy and obese but they healthier than most "fit" Americans today!


So don't trust the BMI measures!

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Other | September 28, 2013

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