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Taylor Lautner's Secret to Building Muscle!

Taylor Lautner's Secret to Building Muscle!


As most of the world today knows, celebrity Taylor Lautner made a stunning body transformation and many people are wanting to know how he did it!


One of the secrets he revealed to the public was how he included the use of bands in his exercise to increase the tension on his muscles.




Try it out yourself:


Rather than doing just dumbbell curls, hold the band with the dumbbell and stretch the band under your feet.


You can immediately feel the tension pulling the dumbbells down.


Usually at the top of a dumbbell curl, you can hold it with ease!


But if you do them with bands, you can't hold it at the top as before.


This increases the difficultly of the exercise significantly and increases the tension on the biceps!


Moreover, this leads to more muscle activation and growth!

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Muscle Building | September 28, 2013

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