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Are Push-Ups More Effective Than the Bench Press? Myth or Truth?

Are Push-Ups More Effective Than the Bench Press? Myth or Truth?


Recently many online "fitness experts" are writing articles about how push-ups are more effective than the bench press.


Are they right?


Absolutely not!


The bench press is the king of all chest exercises, not the push-up.


Are push-ups not effective?


It depends on your current level of fitness and how long you've been working out.


If you're a beginner with no experience, push-ups are HARD.


It is tough to do 10 reps!


So it is "strength training"!


But after a few months of doing that, you'll improve significantly but then plateau.




They're too easy for you now!


You're body has become stronger and adapted.


So you will no longer see gains in muscle size and strength!


Push ups are for beginners!


The only way I see advanced lifters benefiting from push-ups are if they are either doing it at the end of a chest workout (pre-fatigued) or doing it with a weighted vest on.


So this myth is pretty much busted.


No way does a body weight push-up put the same amount of tension on your body as a 300 pound bench press!

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Tips | September 28, 2013

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