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"Don't Skip Leg Day!" The Truth About Whether Or Not You Should Train Legs?

"Don't Skip Leg Day!" The Truth About Whether Or Not You Should Train Legs?


In many people's thoughts, there's a major misconception that most people who workout are "upper body" dominant.


But the truth is, most people are lower body dominant.




Well, it's due to genetics.


But the problem is, those lower body dominant people are falling in love with squats, dead lifts, and leg day!




Their lower body is naturally strong! They can lift very heavy so they have "fun."


Moreover, they hate any upper body focused days!


As a result, their HUGE butts and thighs get EVEN bigger and thicker!


If you are a lower body dominant person, I do not recommend you train legs with heavy weight often. The most being a couple sets once a week!


Instead, make your workouts upper body focused.


Try to put more mass on your upper body for the upper body to catchup to your lower body's mass!


Another thing you should do is run and do leg exercises such as the jump squat to tighten your muscles.


Note : If you're skinny or an upper body dominant person, ignore this article.

It was not written for your body type.


This article is for lower body dominant people. (wide hips and thick butt and thighs)

Thanks for reading this article!

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Other | October 01, 2013

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