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Incline Bench Press Is More Superior Than Bench Press?

Incline Bench Press Is More Superior Than Bench Press?


Although the bench press is the king of all chest exercises, the incline bench press may be more effective for many people.


The people I am referring to is males with man boobs.


The bench press puts the most emphasis on the lower pecs and middle pecs.


I'm not saying that the bench press doesn't work the upper pecs, I'm just stating that the emphasis isn't on the upper pecs like the incline bench press.


Moreover, the part of the chest the "men" with man boobs need to focus on is the upper pecs.


By training the lower pecs and middle pecs with all that fat on your pectoral muscles, all this causes is the illusion that your man boobs got EVEN bigger.


So in addition to or rather than bench pressing, incline bench press for a more aesthetic appearance.

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Muscle Building | October 08, 2013

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