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More Than Just A Six Pack!

Although most of want a shredded six-pack, there is more to your core than meets the eye.  Train your core to do what it is supposed to do (and no the answer isn’t “picking up chicks”).


The muscles of your core stabilize your trunk and participate in movement.  Helping your body move all in unison while jumping, running, stepping, sitting etc.  Your core has a large part in all human movement patterns.


Secondly the muscles of the abdominal wall help to maintain proper function of the internal organs that are located within the abdominal region.


Another purpose of the Rectus Abdominis muscle is to prevent an abdominal hernia from occurring.  Hernias typically occur from an excessive amount of Intra Abdominal Pressure that is at its greatest amount in exercises that recruit the most amount of muscles especially working near your 1RM(rep max). 


Two exercises that strengthen the Rectus Abdominis muscle are Hanging Leg Raises & Sit Ups.  These muscles are responsible for flexion of the spine so it is crucial that you are flexing your spine rather than just flexing your hips. 


 First start with sit-ups if you are a beginner.  Once that becomes easy for you to perform 4 sets of 25 reps then you can move on to hanging leg raises as they are a bit more advanced, especially because you have gravity working against you which creates for added resistance.


 Training the core in such a way will help you to get a hard six pack but will also help to maintain proper movement patterns, strengthen your body, protect your organs and decrease the chance for an abdominal hernia.

Abs | October 08, 2014

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