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Canadian Thanksgiving

No matter how much you think people around you know that you care and love them, it's always important to express it and show gratitude as you never know when yours or their last day on earth is. A good friend of mines mom just passed away a few days ago and he told me it's the hardest thanksgiving he's ever had, then went on to say that he wished that he had just one more chance to say "good night, I love you" to his mom and to never take those opportunities for granted in life because we never know when the last time is.

Thank you all for everything you do for each-other directly and indirectly. Being apart of Hammer Fitness has changed many of your lives, including my own life in many ways so thank you. If there are people in your family, friends, relationships you don't talk to because of a fight, make it right.

Amer Kamra

Motivation | October 12, 2017

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