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Your beliefs Control your Outcome

Those closest to me know why I did this!

For 3 weeks I ate junk food voraciously and intentionally gained weight so that I can do this Mental Warrior Challenge to prove to people how easily you can get in shape, without doing a load of cardio and most importantly in such a short time frame.


We've had clients behind in their prep and ask me "Amer do you think I'll be ready"? My answer never changes from "if I was in your position, I would be ready for the show"! I can't speak on behalf of the work ethic of anyone but myself, and I know that if I am put in a position of do or die, I'm coming out alive. 

Far too many people have these limiting beliefs which then translate into their work ethic. If you doubt you're capable of getting in shape, your work ethic will be indicative of it and most importantly your actions align with your beliefs so if you don't believe you deserve being in shape; subconsciously you'll find a way to sabotage your own success even if your work ethic matches. 


I see and hear far too many excuses. I personally don't give a fuck about your thyroid, about how busy your life is, how little time you have. These are all just excuses, I promise you and when you remove these governors out of your head, put your head down and grind with no other option but to succeed, you'll be successful. No plan B, no backup plan, no excuses. I did this with both a torn ACL and Meniscus which I'm getting reconstruction for in a few weeks. I could have broadcasted that to everyone but the only thing that would have accomplished is justifying and making it acceptable to quit or get half assed results. 


There are many people in this world that would make those excuses or rationalize why they can't get in shape, not me though and not any of us! This isn't about me, this is about the fact that some people look better than me in the "before" photo and have 12 or 16 weeks yet still can't manage to get in better shape than me in 48 days, that says more about the amount of work you put in your 12 or 16 weeks than anything else.


Amer Kamra


Fat Loss | October 12, 2017

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