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Why are you achieving so little?

There are some people that can literally achieve more in 1 year than some people do in their lifetime, why is that?


Most people think if they had more willpower in their life, they can achieve more. If they had more willpower, they can get the body they've always wanted. If they had more willpower, they can study longer, work harder, put in more effort. Willpower is not at all the precursor to achieving success despite this common misconception and those that carry this ideology are doomed for failure in life.


Willpower gets us started, it creates synapses in the brain that strengthen us into creating a habit. The most successful people are product of habits, they create optimal environments for themselves to thrive in which increase their level of automaticity. That means the more you do something, the less brain activity is required in order for you to do it. Will power and even energy are finite so as soon as we deplete it, we revert back to our old(bad) habits because we can no longer fight the urges, such as binge eating.


I've studied this concept for many years now and have created this environment for myself; personally by nature I'm not a healthy eater but I've created a habit of doing so that it became easier for me to eat healthy than it did to eat junk and if I am able to do this, anyone can. You can't fight the inevitable, you need to train your brain as it is already very malleable and can adapt to anything, good or bad.


Amer Kamra


Motivation | October 12, 2017

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