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Suffering Builds Character | Motivational Quotes

Character is who you are, and everything that is apart of you. Character is everything you've ever done, and everything you've ever failed to do, including all the times you quit! Character is what most people lack; not resources, opportunities, potential BUT character. Learn and work to condition your character because when you can build that, achievement, adversity and challenges become easier to manage. Life doesn't get easier, your character just gets stronger.

You don't build character from reading a book, watching movies or listening to stories, you build character by facing the pain. Too many people run from pain, but pain is what elicits growth so if you're running from pain you're inevitably avoiding growth. In wrestling there's a term 'embrace the grind' which means to embrace the hard, the bad and the tough because those same stimuli will be the reason for your growth.

Amer Kamra


Motivation | October 12, 2017

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