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Eating for hunger, not happiness!

The reason many people are out of shape is because they eat for happiness, rather than hunger. Eating for happiness can come about in many different forms. For example, you just graduated from college and your family wants to take you out to celebrate so you indulge in all kinds of fattening foods. You just got engaged and your girlfriends want to take you out to celebrate so you indulge in copious amounts of champagne and unhealthy foods. 


You just got a promotion and so you go out to celebrate and order the most expensive bottle of wine, with all kinds of fattening appetizers for yourself and your coworkers. 

Besides feeling sluggish after overeating or loading up on sugars or unhealthy fats, you probably feel guilty. There’s a very obvious connection between the foods you eat and the way you feel. People who often find themselves in this scenario, are likely caught in a negative cycle. They eat poorly, feel guilty and bad about it, and then eat the wrong foods again as they deal with their negative emotions and guilt. The short-lived gratification that comes with eating a thick slice of chocolate cake, is only that...SHORT-LIVED!!! And once your short-lived gratification turns into guilt, you are left in a far worse state than you started with.

There is a link between food and your mood. Whether your mood is “happy” or “sad,” food is used to satisfy those emotions. 

Have you ever thought about why people don’t eat a healthy meal consisting of chicken and vegetables when they want to go out to “celebrate” or when they are feeling depressed and unhappy?? Why is it always pizza and cake?? The correlation between food and one’s emotions is what’s causing our society to become obese. Once you break this cycle, you can learn to eat for hunger...to fuel your body, rather than eating to temporarily satisfy your feelings and emotions.

Coach Rima

Coach Rima Messier | October 29, 2017

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