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Reasons why you might be having a shitty workout.

Reasons why you might be having a shitty workout.

The one hour you spend at the gym everyday, should be treated as precious time. I always find it very strange that people go to the gym for an hour or two, but actually spend half that time preoccupied with other things.

For example, many people now use their cellphones to listen to music while working out. This can be a problem as it may be causing you many distractions. If you are replying to text messages or emails in the middle of your workout, you are definitely not focused and are not maximizing your time spent in the gym. What I suggest, is getting an iPod to listen to your playlist and keeping your phone stashed away in a locker. Out of sight, out of mind!! Your time spent during your workout should be focusing on yourself, rather than getting distracted by a text which can likely wait for a response.

I’m no stranger to taking selfies at the gym 🤷🏻‍♀️. However, if you are taking a selfie break in between sets, this can cause your focus to shift from where it should be. Snapping pictures of yourself can be done before or after your workout, rather than distracting yourself during your workout.

Another thing I’ve noticed a lot at my gym lately, is people who stop their workout to chitchat with other members. If you are taking a ten minute break mid workout to chat with someone about where you went on vacation last month, you are not focused. It is also poor gym etiquette to leave your personal belongings on a machine which makes it look like that machine is being used by someone, yet you are standing around socializing. 

Leave your stresses at the door when you enter the gym. I know it’s easier said than done some days, but exercising is a form of stress relief. Focus on the task at hand and clear your mind from distractions.  Don’t get stuck worrying about what happened at work or what you need to do when you get home.  Letting your mind drift is a sure fire way to get a shitty workout. 

Having a gym buddy is great for motivation...if you have the right kind of gym partner! If you and your gym buddy are spending five minutes chatting about what you’re going to wear to the club tonight, then you’re definitely distracted and are not getting the most beneficial workout you possibly can. If your gym partner is not pushing you to your limits, then find a new one or try working out alone.

Head down, headphones on, and work towards your goals. 


Coach Rima

Coach Rima Messier | November 02, 2017

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