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Are Your Goals SMART?
Are Your Goals SMART?
You hear it all the time in the Health and Wellness industry - Set a goal. Goals are essential to whatever you are trying to achieve in any aspect of life. However, all goals are not created equally - to ensure that you are set up to succeed your goals need to be SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.The best way for me to explain this is through example; we all heard it before:
I want to lose weight...
Let's break it down and see how SMART this goal is.
Is it Specific? Not even close! How much weight? What kind of weight? Fat? Muscle? Water? How can we modify this? I want to lose 25 pounds of body fat.
Is it Measurable? Weight loss is measurable; you have a metric (scale weight) that you can track. An example of a goal that isn't measurable is "I want to be more healthy." Health is subjective and there is no definite way to measure health. Let's keep going.
Is it Achievable and Realistic? These three go hand in hand and play on each other. We already established that we need to be specific (losing 25 pounds) but is this achievable, and realistic? If it's achievable and realistic is dependent on your starting point; if you are 225 and you want to be 200 this is very doable. On the contrary if you are 110 pounds and want to be 85 is a completely different story.
Finally, is it Timely? How long are you giving yourself to lose 25 pounds? One month or 6 months? Whenever possible put a timeline on your goal this will add pressure to make sure you work towards it.
Let's compare:
I want to lose weight.
I want to lose 25 pounds of body fat bringing my body down to 200 pounds. I will lose the 25 pounds in 6 months.
See the difference?
Junelle Marriah
Hammer Fitness Coach
Lifestyle/Bikini Competition Prep

Coach Junelle | November 05, 2017

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