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Can you train when you’re sick?

Can you train when you’re sick?


With cold and flu season upon us, many people find themselves wondering how to gauge when it is and isn’t ok to train. For the most part, people like to use temporary sickness as an excuse to skip the gym, but a lot of the time it can actually be beneficial in relieving symptoms! Here are some simple DO’s and DONT’s to follow:


DO go to the gym if you have a common cold and mild symptoms. 

DONT go to the gym if you have a fever, congestion that is blocking airways, or chest tightness that is restricting breathing, or if you are sick to your stomach (ew!)

DO lift weights and do cardio. I usually recommend training at about 75-80% intensity when you aren’t feeling well.

DONT go for any PR’s/super heavy compound lifts, or attempt HIIT cardio, as these things can be very taxing on the central nervous system and might delay recovery. 

DO take extra time to rest between sets, catch your breath, etc. 

DONT smear your germs all over equipment (again, EW!!). Keep a towel to sneeze into (or a sleeve) and make sure to keep hands clean and wipe machines after you are done! 

DO bump up hydration, rest and supplementation! Support your body in its fight by consuming lots of fluids through water, tea, and broth. Get as much sleep and rest as you can. And finally, make sure to consume additional vitamin C and D while you aren’t feeling well!


There you have it! No excuses next time you have the sniffles. Sweat it out! 


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Other | November 06, 2017

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